BoVi 2016

The 4th Annual

Dorothy Gregg, President

Dorothy is a senior at Boise State University pursuing a B.A. in Communication with a Media Production Emphasis. While living in New York City, she discovered an interest in creating movies and other visual media. Dorothy took the opportunity to help New York University film school students with projects as an actor and script supervisor. At the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) public access television station, she volunteered to create programs for a not-for-profit organization, which required extensive training that culminated in a television studio producer certificate. Dorothy enjoys working behind the camera as a screenwriter, director, cinematographer, and editor.

Chase Duckworth, Vice President

Chase is a junior at Boise State University studying Communication with a Media Production Emphasis. He is from Sacramento, CA and his forte includes filming and editing. He is part of the University Television Production program at Boise State and has gained experience in the role of director on various shoots. Chase has been interested in film since early high school when he made short movies with his friends. Overall, he loves the creative process of film making.

Krysta Neill, Vice President

Krysta Neill is a junior majoring in Communication with an emphasis in media production. Krysta fell in love with film at a very young age, because it became a place for her to escape. When she had a bad day or was looking for some guidance, she would simply pop in a DVD and sit back, ready to be transported to another universe. As Krysta grew up, she viewed films as a sort of dramatized manual for life, giving her guidance with new experiences. Though she has not worked on a lot of films, she hopes to inspire future generations. Her greatest goal for film is to provide a lifeline that was once extended to her by capturing the knowledge and experiences she has acquired with a lens and microphone.

Amy Bryon, Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Amy is a true lover of film. Since she was little her favorite thing to do is watch movies. She studies media production at Boise State University and plans to move to Los Angeles when she finishes school to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Throughout her time at BSU she has come to love editing and making experimental films. Amy's favorite thing about film is the emotions it can evoke in a person. There is nothing quite like the feeling you're left with after watching a great film. She also believes it's the best visual art there is. 

Karina Guadarrama, Social Media Specialist

Karina Guadarrama is a sophomore majoring in communication with an emphasis in media production. She enjoys playing tennis, spending time with her family, and watching movies. In her movie-watching lifetime, she has fallen in love with the powerful art form of movies. It’s her favorite form of expression. She loves the meaning behind movies and other forms of media. She aspires to create a documentary that educates viewers about [email protected] issues of racism and immigration. 

Daehwan Cho, Academic Advisor

Daehwan Cho teaches advanced video production classes in the Communication Department at Boise State University, such as Video Post-Production, Advanced Video Production, and Production Workshops. He also instructs classes in web design and motion graphics. The software used in his classes includes After Effects and Photoshop. He is a Filmmaker, Digital Artist, and College Media Faculty member. His works (videos, graphics/photos and installations) have been screened and exhibited in the United States and other countries. He was the founder of BoVi in 2011.

Will Tebo, Special Advisor

Will discovered the artistic power of filmmaking in high school and it quickly became his greatest passion. He is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communication at Boise State and has worked behind and in front of the camera. He's also interested in stop-motion animation.