The 3rd Annual

BoVi was founded in 2011 under the guidance of Assistant Professor Daehwan Cho at Boise State University. A completely student-run club, BoVi aims to promote student films throughout the world by showcasing their films in a theater setting modeled after some of the larger film festivals throughout the world. This gives students an opportunity to show their work in front of a large audience and the prestige of possibly winning awards.

We encourage parents, guardians and teachers to help guide younger students along as they prepare their films. On our site you should find all the information you will need to submit a film as well as where and how to see it on the big screen at the festival.

We hope to see as many films as time will allow and we thank you for spending the time to check out the site and possibly submit a film!


BoVi will be held
April 25 & 26

BoVi exists as a way to showcase the talents of our youth in a forum in which they can show their art the way it was made to be seen.

We hope that you will use this opportunity to reach out and work with more students in your area to make bigger and better projects that can be shown on the big screen.

Please take a moment to look at the rest of the site and learn more about BoVi.